Aptitude :

By aptitude, we usually understand Quantitative aptitude that basically judges our analytical and problem solving skills. Aptitude is one of the most important parts of competitive exams and job interviews. You will find Aptitude questions in almost every question paper with reference to jobs and for higher education. The reason for this exam is to judge the problem solving and decision making ability of the candidate. In most of the exams, aptitude test is conducted as a part of the written exam, which usually is the very first round of any selection procedure. Aptitude test basically involves mathematical questions. To solve these questions an inate understanding of the same and an ability to solve them quickly and correctly is the necessity . Aptitude is an essential part of almost all competitive exams. ​

Verbal Ability :

A section, in most of the competitive exams as well as any recruitment processes. This section demands knowledge and understanding of the basis of English Grammar, sentence construction and vocabulary. Our experienced faculty address these needs by employing appropriate and customized learning techniques and material. ​

Soft Skills :

“It’s not what you say but how you say it.’ We strongly believe that knowledge backed by an ability to communicate the same efficiently propels ones career to greater heights. To enhance the ability of our students we groom them on communication skills, etiquette, emotional intelligence and handling stress. Combined with the above, we offer assistance in their resume building and stimulate mock placement drives to build their confidence levels. ​ ​ ​


Whenever the king of beasts (Lion) stops after travelling distance to relive its journey, it becomes but inevitable for us to test our understanding of the skills that we have acquired. We at Genesis, through our extensive research and trials have designed an assessment format that caters to the need of the students.

Analysis & Follow up

We analyse each student’s performance in depth (Domain wise analysis, Module wise analysis, topic wise analysis and even question wise analysis) and provide a holistic preview of where the student stands pertaining to each area. This will equip them with a better understanding of their areas of strength and areas of improvement. We not just provide in-depth insights on the weak areas of the students, but also provide customized training and study material for the identified weak topics.

Student report card: Every student will get the report card which will reflect their performance, area of improvement and action plan for the same. The report card includes the graphical representation of their performance in daily assessments.


To cater to the emotional needs of the students, we have a pool of certified counselors to address issues faced by adolescents likewise to analyze their strengths and suggest the better career options. Our experienced and active academic counseling experts engage students continuously if necessary.